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Our concern is simple: People from all communities must work together to ensure a livable world for their children and their children’s children, something communities of color have long known. To do this, however, requires reliable, focused, and accessible information. Sharing that information in a timely way that enables people to engage when they are needed in the ways they are needed is vital to protecting our natural resources, our communities, and our quality of life.

Healthy World for All exists to provide a place where people from many communities and cultures can learn about key environmental, health, and economic issues, in a form that is meaningful, so everyone can engage effectively to bring about the changes that must be made.

We focus on four important categories—oceans, water, parks, and plastic pollution—all impacted by a fifth: climate change. And we are doing this in multiple languages to make these critical issues accessible to as many people as possible.

To ensure that your visits are of value, we will continually update site content. If there are topics or issues you would like to see, let us know via our Facebook link below.

Our world, our communities, our future