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California moves forward with landmark plastic waste reduction law

Only 9% of the plastic sold every year in the United States is recycled. California’s new law aims to change that and hold companies accountable through the Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act which mandates that all single-use packaging and plastic food service ware like cutlery, takeout containers, and plates be recyclable or compostable by 2032, with a 25% reduction and a 65% recycling rate for these materials. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

44% of Ocean Plastics Are Linked to Takeout Food

Nearly 44% of plastic pollutants in the ocean are linked to takeout food containers and wrappers, single-use bags, and plastic bottles. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.


San Diego city officials reallocated funding for 19 projects—including land acquisition and upgrades to existing parks— to provide equitable access to vital green spaces. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

EPA Proposes Issuing Carbon Injection and Storage Permits in Kern County

Kern County is the site of a pending EPA project that would allow energy companies to capture industrial carbon dioxide emissions and inject them into underground storage. Environmentalists expressed concerns over leakage into the ground and air. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

A California superbloom is springing to life and the best is yet to come

California park officials expect a spectacular spring bloom of wildflowers peaking in April and lasting through May. Some of the most spectacular blooms will take place in desert landscapes. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Vessel ‘accidentally discharged’ 500 gallons of diesel fuel off Northern California coast, Coast Guard says

In early March a U.S. Coast Guard vessel “accidentally discharged” about 500 gallons of diesel about 30 miles offshore from the town of Fort Bragg. The spill follows a recent incident in which about 85 gallons of what appeared to be “lightly weathered crude oil” was found off the coast of Huntington Beach. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Spotlighting the Environmental Impact of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Expansion

DYK: The Oil and Gas Watch Database shows has an interactive map with locations of proposed new and expanding oil, gas, and petrochemical infrastructure projects that were approved or announced since 2012. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California weakens plan for mandatory cutbacks in urban water use, yielding to criticism

California officials weakened proposed rules that would have reduced urban water use. To the dismay of environmentalists, the state is giving city and county water districts an extra five years to reduce outdoor irrigation. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California isn’t on track to meet its climate change mandates — and a new analysis says it’s not even close

A new analysis says that California is not even close to meeting its 2030 climate change mandates unless the state almost triples its rate of greenhouse gases reduction. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Court upholds state plan to require more water in California rivers

California water officials will set goals focusing on a portion of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta watershed for increasing river flows to help rapidly declining populations of chinook salmon and steelhead trout. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll

Celebrating Earth Month 2024: Reusable Is Beautiful

Celebrate Earth Month with Heal the Bay by signing up for “Reusable is Beautiful” activities, choosing reusable options over single-use plastic and keeping our waterways clean, safe, and beautiful. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.


DYK: According to the United Nation Environment Programme, plastic waste causes $13 billion worth of damage to marine ecosystems every year. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Environmental Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

DYK: 500,000 tons of microfibers are released into the ocean each year from washing clothes — the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. A recent study found that microplastics were found in the blood of 80% of people tested. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.


DYK: Clothing is made with highly toxic dyes and heavy metals that pollute clean water streams, rivers and aquifers. In addition, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year and significant amounts of microplastics from them go into the go into the ocean. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Earth Day Climate Action

The California State Parks Foundation invites residents to participate in Earth Day Climate Action in April through events and education programs. Support our state parks. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Environmental Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

DYK: The fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. And at this the industry’s current rate increase, its carbon emissions could jump to 26% of the world’s total by 2050. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.


California State Parks announced a grant opportunity to fund projects near military bases to acquire and develop lands for public outdoor recreation and increase resilience to climate change through recreation. Eligible applicants include cities, counties, state agencies, and park districts and special districts. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and help protect our planet by participating in local events.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and help protect our planet by participating in local events. This year’s theme is Planet vs. Plastics and promotes awareness on the health risk of plastics and phasing out single-use plastics. The goal is a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040. Visit Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

New Analysis Shows Widespread PFAS Contamination of Tap Water in CA

DYK: Drinking-water sources serving up to 25 million Californians are or have been contaminated with PFAS toxic forever chemicals. PFAS pollution is more prevalent in disadvantaged communities with up to 8.9 million Californians in those communities potentially impacted.sLearn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Indicators of Climate Change: Impacts on California Tribes

DYK: A video series is available that documents the impacts of climate change on California Tribal Nations through the voices of Tribal community members. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California Forges Ahead With Food Waste Recycling

California’s organic waste recycling program seeks to slash by 75% the amount of organic waste it sends to landfills by 2025 from 2014 levels. The goal is to keep waste from piling up in landfills, and instead turn it into compost or biogas. The program is behind schedule. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForfAll.

Historic California palm trees come crashing down into ocean amid powerful winter storms

Extreme rainfall caused by atmospheric rivers combined with erosion and high tides have caused 100-year-old palm trees to come crashing down at Refugio State Beach on the California coast. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Wasted energy: Record rain won’t stop California water woes

DYK: Despite record rainfall in California,s80% of the water is lost to the oceans due to inadequate infrastructure. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

The Best Rain Jackets in the World Will Soon Be Illegal—with Good Reason

DYK: In 2024, 35 states will introduce policies banning PFAS forever chemicals, according to Safer States, a national alliance of environmental health organizations and coalitions. PFAS are found in numerous consumer products, providing heat, oil, stain, and grease resistance; they also pose serious human health concerns. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

30% Of Americans Cite Climate Change As A Motivator To Move In 2024

DYK: A recent report from Forbes found that a third of Americans surveyed who are moving cited climate change and worsening weather conditions as a motivating factor. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California orders recycling company to pay $140.5M in bottle, can scheme

Recycling fraud is a serious crime in California. A recycling company was ordered to pay $140.5 million in penalties for defrauding California’s Beverage Container Recycling program. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California bill would ban all plastic shopping bags at grocery stores

California lawmakers want to ban all plastic bags by 2026. The 2014 plastic bag ban, which banned thin plastic bags but allowed the purchase of thicker plastic bags designed for recycling, was not effective and increased plastic bag use, according to a recent study. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Climate change will bring megafloods to California

According to a recent study, climate change is increasing the risk of a California megaflood that would produce runoffs 200-400% greater than anything seen before in the Sierra Nevada, the 400-mile mountain range that traverses 24 of the state’s 58 counties. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Death Valley National Park now offering a rare opportunity – kayaking

DYK: Extreme February rainfall created a temporary lake in Death Valley National Park at Badwater Basin. Informally called Lake Manly, it is about 6 miles long, 3 miles wide and 1 foot deep. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

New initiative transforms LAUSD playgrounds into green space

The new 28 x 28 initiative launched by Trust for Public Land will transform 28 asphalt playgrounds in the LAUSD into green schoolyards, providing access to parks and open green spaces to Los Angeles communities. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

LA County captured enough rainfall this week to provide water to 65,600 residents for a year

Rainfall from atmospheric rivers in February resulted in 2.7 billion gallons of stormwater captured by Los Angeles County Public Works. That’s enough water for 65,600 residents for a year. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

LAUSD invests $92 million in greener, cleaner, more accessible campuses

The Los Angeles Unified School District will invest $92.3 million to improve campuses and make them more accessible to students with disabilities, improve water quality and build more outdoor learning spaces. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Multiple California beaches closed after 8 million gallons of sewage discharges into ocean

Almost 8 million gallons of sewage dumped into the Pacific Ocean in early February resulted in the closure of Long Beach and Cabrillo Beach where elevated bacteria levels were recorded. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Climate change will bring megafloods to California

According to a recent study, climate change is increasing the risk of a California megaflood that would produce runoffs 200-400% greater than anything seen before in the Sierra Nevada, the 400-mile mountain range that traverses 24 of the state’s 58 counties. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

How the Oil Industry Indefinitely Delays Cleaning Up Oil and Gas Wells in California

DYK: A new report from the Sierra Club has found that more than 40,000 unplugged oil and gas wells are sitting idle across California, potentially leaking planet-warming gas and unsafe chemicals. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Torrential storms and a rising ocean are eating away at California

Extreme rainstorms brought on by climate change last month have accelerated landslides causing damaging coastal erosion in California, leaving homes teetering on the edge of cliffs. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California sea otters nearly went extinct. Now they're rescuing their coastal habitat

California sea otters are helping to restore their declining coastal marsh habitat at Elkhorn Slough in Monterey Bay. Salt marshes protect the coastline and people living there from erosion and flooding. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

The Top 11 Oil-Producing States In 2023

DYK: U.S. crude oil production has increased by 21% over the past five years. Top oil producing states in 2023 (percentage of total U.S. production): Texas, 43%; New Mexico, 14%; North Dakota, 9%; Colorado, 3.5%; Oklahoma, 3.4%; Alaska 3.4%; California, 2.5%. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California just released a major new report on sea level rise. Here’s how bad it could get

Based on a new state report, experts say sea level rise is the Bay Area’s No. 1 climate change threat, especially to underserved, disadvantaged communities. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

What Do Plastic Recycling Symbols Actually Mean? Decoding Plastics #1 - #7

DYK: The chasing arrows recycling symbol doesn't always mean a plastic item is recyclable. Depending on where you live, recyclability depends on the number within the arrows. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California's 'ARkStorm': Historic 1000-year floods of 1861-62 featured 8 weeks of atmospheric rivers

DYK: Flash flooding is the deadliest severe weather in the U.S., killing more people per year than hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning. Almost half of flood deaths are vehicle related. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Clusters of atmospheric rivers amp up California storm damages

Atmospheric rivers arriving in rapid succession, such as the ones that hit California in early 2023, cause three to four times more economic damage than they would have individually, according to a recent study. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

San Diego floodwaters prompt dramatic rescues as region sees record rain

In January, record rain brought dangerous flooding to San Diego where businesses and homes were destroyed, vehicles were swept away, and roads were closed. Emergency crews rescued injured and displaced residents. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Americans' Most Pressing Climate Change Questions, Answered

According to a recent survey, 1 in 10 Americans is experiencing climate anxiety or depression. In addition, more than half of the respondents recognized that climate change is real and mostly caused by humans. They also want to know the solution. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll

This California startup is replacing plastic bags with seaweed-based packaging

Bags made from seaweed can be used as an alternative to plastic bags, according to a new company. The bags biodegrade in four to six weeks and have a 12-month shelf life. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Will avalanches in California worsen with climate change?

Considering climate change and other factors, researchers predict that warmer lower-elevation areas with less snow may see fewer avalanches, but higher elevations could see more intense storms making avalanches there harder to predict. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Photos: San Diego researchers find military munitions, explosives and more on Southern California ocean floor

Oceanographers recently discovered World War ll-era military munitions and explosives, and sunken whale carcasses, across 135 square miles between Santa Catalina Island and Long Beach. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

How California Reservoir Water Levels Changed After Atmospheric Rivers

Thanks to rain from recent atmospheric rivers, Lake Shasta reservoir water levels rose 5 feet to 1,020 feet. Last winter’s atmospheric rivers raised water levels by 135 feet from January to May 2023. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.


A new California law mandates that by 2032, 25% of single use plastic be eliminated, 65% of single-use plastic be recycled, and 100% of single-use packaging be recyclable or compostable. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Six California counties receive $42 million to create, renovate parks

Potomac Park in Bakersfield will receive funding from CA State Parks to build new soccer fields, a dog park, basketball courts, a splash pad, shade structures a restroom and renovations. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

What climate change means for coastal fog in California

Climate change is causing decreased fog in the Bay Area and that could affect ecosystems, according to researchers who are using fog collectors to measure fog. Redwood trees, for example, need moisture that currently comes from coastal fog. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll

Glowing Blue Waves in Southern California Stun Beachgoers: Details Here

Southern California beaches lit up in January with bioluminescent waves caused by dinoflagellates which are tiny marine organisms (plankton) that emit a blue glow. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

SoCal water officials test cloud seeding in effort to increase region's water supply

California state officials launched a four-year pilot program that aims to increase precipitation by 5% to 15%. The plan is to release silver iodide into the atmosphere through cloud seeding generators located near the base of mountains surrounding the Santa Ana River watershed basin. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Twenty-year study confirms California forests are healthier when burned — or thinned

DYK: A recent study found that forest management techniques including prescribed burning and restoration thinning can reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire in California. A combination of thinning and fire could be the most resilient approach to the impacts of climate change. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Eroding dreams: How 2023's storms have accelerated threat to coastal NorCal homes

DYK: A recent study by the US Geological Survey projects up to 75% of California's beaches could become completely eroded by the end of the century. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

A city park means green space and a place to forage for meal ingredients

DYK: Parks can be a great source of food, according to Douglas Kent who teaches ecological land management at Cal Poly Pomona and writes about urban foraging for food. He is the author of "Foraging Southern California." Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California approves Delta Tunnel project despite strong opposition from environmentalists

Despite long opposition by environmental groups, California officials recently approved construction of the Delta Tunnel. The proposed 45-mile-long tunnel is to be built beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and would pipe water from the Sacramento River, bypassing the Delta, and redirect it into the Bethany Reservoir on the California Aqueduct, and then deliver it to Southern California. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Above and Below California’s Ocean, through the photography of Marc Shargel

The public can enjoy a photo exhibit by Marc Shargel that features underwater images of the ocean and learn about California’s endangered kelp forest ecosystem and efforts to save it. The exhibit will be at the Felton Library in Santa Cruz County from January to March 2024. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

CA coastline dotted with carbon hot spots, new study by Bay Area researchers shows

DYK: Scientists have discovered carbon “hot spots” on the ocean floor covering 6,000 square miles from Mendocino County to San Mateo County. The hot spots act as a carbon reservoir, preventing carbon from being released into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. The amount contained in the area is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions of seven million cars driven for one year. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.