Governor Gavin Newsom is preparing to appoint a new commissioner, representing the Central Coast, to the California Coastal Commission. The Commission is responsible for planning and regulating the use of land and water in the state’s coastal zone, including activities that change the intensity of land use or public access to coastal waters.

Coastal Commission Must Maintain Public Trust

California’s coastal zone covers about 1,100 miles. On land the coastal zone varies in width from several hundred feet in highly urbanized areas up to five miles in some rural areas. Offshore, the coastal zone comprises a three-mile-wide band of ocean. The Coastal Commission has maintained public trust for the past 40 years by providing responsible oversight of California’s coastal resources, while keeping potentially harmful development at bay.

Coastal Commission decisions have direct impacts on communities and the environment, and determine not only whether some people have access to the coast while others are excluded, but also who will bear the burdens of the climate impacts that are occurring and worsening every day. It is important that Coastal Commission appointees reflect the diversity of all the communities they represent and serve, and that commissioners carry out their duties based on the principles of vigorous protection of our imperiled coastal resources and advancement of equity and environmental justice, especially when that requires confrontation with California’s most wealthy, influential, and powerful.

The upcoming Commission appointment must be someone who embodies this commitment to enhancing and protecting our coast, conserving this environment for our children and future generations.

Act Now and Make A Difference

We must act now to ensure that the interests and concerns of California residents regarding the use of the state’s coastal zone are fairly represented by the state’s Coastal Commission. You can make a difference by voicing your support and signing this petition today. The coastline belongs to all Californians.

Let Governor Newsom know that you want him to appoint a commissioner who will stand for decisions that expand access and prioritize protection of California’s treasure of coastal resources.

Send a Petition

Dear Governor Newsom:

As California residents, we urge you to maintain your commitments to building a “California for All” and elevating equitable coastal access through your appointments to the California Coastal Commission by selecting commissioners who resolutely focus their decisions on the expansion of public access and protection of California’s vital coastal resources.

The California Coastal Commission is the only agency with the legal authority to enforce the public’s right to access the coast. Its decisions determine not only whether some people have access to the coast while others are excluded, but also who will bear the burdens of the climate impacts that are here and worsening every day.

We strongly believe that the Coastal Commission’s responsibility is to all Californians, and not just the interests of elite developers, property owners, and extractive corporations that remain willing to sacrifice the public trust for their profit.

Your imminent Coastal Commission appointment must be someone committed to enhancing access and protecting California’s coast and its remarkable resources.

We trust that you will make the right decision.


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