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An Even Bigger Threat During
the COVID-19 Crisis


Now more than ever we must be diligent in the ongoing fight against plastic pollution amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to an increased use of single-use plastic and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks and gloves.

We truly understand the urgent need for plastic PPE, restaurant take-out packaging, and plastic bags at grocery stores during the pandemic, but the fact is that plastic pollution is on the rise because of the COVID-19 crisis and threatens our oceans, our land, and the air we breathe.

We must also keep in mind that there is lot of misinformation being circulated by the plastic industry regarding the safety of reusable products. According to a recent news story, 119 scientists from 18 countries said reusable containers are safe if washed thoroughly with hot water and detergent or soap, and do not increase the chance of virus transmission.

We support the policies of our California leaders in their efforts to protect and ensure the safety of our residents during this public health threat. We can take steps now and start planning on how to reduce plastic pollution post COVID-19 otherwise it’s going to create a long-lasting, devastating effect on our community and planet.


Plastic water bottles

Over 1,000 metric tons of microplastic particles fall as rain into 11 National Parks in the western U.S. each year. That’s the equivalent of over 120 million plastic water bottles.

Plastic waste

Plastic waste is expected to skyrocket from 260 million tons a year to 460 million tons by 2030.


Packaging in general, including for food, beverages, medications, and cosmetic products, accounts for nearly 30% of all municipal waste.

Plastic production

Since COVID-19, there’s been a 30% increase in plastic production, mainly in the food, hygiene, and detergents sectors.

Plastic Pollution


Here's what you can do right now: simply make the pledge to take at least one of these actions and sign our online petition – your pledge will count as an automatic entry to win a wooden lunch box, a stainless steel lunch box or a reusable drinking bottle!

  • I will not request plastic utensils when ordering takeout
  • I will drink from properly washed, reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastic ones
  • I will cook more at home and use less take-out
  • I will buy clothing made of natural fibers like cotton or wool
  • I will say no to plastic utensils, straws and cup lids, and use a non-plastic, reusable water bottle.
  • I will pack out any plastics I bring when visiting parks and beaches
  • I will become more aware of plastic pollution in the ocean, and do what I can to diminish it.
  • I will recycle any plastic I use.