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EPA Proposes Issuing Carbon Injection and Storage Permits in Kern County

Kern County is the site of a pending EPA project that would allow energy companies to capture industrial carbon dioxide emissions and inject them into underground storage. Environmentalists expressed concerns over leakage into the ground and air. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Spotlighting the Environmental Impact of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Expansion

DYK: The Oil and Gas Watch Database shows has an interactive map with locations of proposed new and expanding oil, gas, and petrochemical infrastructure projects that were approved or announced since 2012. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Earth Day Climate Action

The California State Parks Foundation invites residents to participate in Earth Day Climate Action in April through events and education programs. Support our state parks. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.


California State Parks announced a grant opportunity to fund projects near military bases to acquire and develop lands for public outdoor recreation and increase resilience to climate change through recreation. Eligible applicants include cities, counties, state agencies, and park districts and special districts. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and help protect our planet by participating in local events.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and help protect our planet by participating in local events. This year’s theme is Planet vs. Plastics and promotes awareness on the health risk of plastics and phasing out single-use plastics. The goal is a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040. Visit Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

California Forges Ahead With Food Waste Recycling

California’s organic waste recycling program seeks to slash by 75% the amount of organic waste it sends to landfills by 2025 from 2014 levels. The goal is to keep waste from piling up in landfills, and instead turn it into compost or biogas. The program is behind schedule. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForfAll.

The Best Rain Jackets in the World Will Soon Be Illegal—with Good Reason

DYK: In 2024, 35 states will introduce policies banning PFAS forever chemicals, according to Safer States, a national alliance of environmental health organizations and coalitions. PFAS are found in numerous consumer products, providing heat, oil, stain, and grease resistance; they also pose serious human health concerns. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

New initiative transforms LAUSD playgrounds into green space

The new 28 x 28 initiative launched by Trust for Public Land will transform 28 asphalt playgrounds in the LAUSD into green schoolyards, providing access to parks and open green spaces to Los Angeles communities. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

LAUSD invests $92 million in greener, cleaner, more accessible campuses

The Los Angeles Unified School District will invest $92.3 million to improve campuses and make them more accessible to students with disabilities, improve water quality and build more outdoor learning spaces. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

How the Oil Industry Indefinitely Delays Cleaning Up Oil and Gas Wells in California

DYK: A new report from the Sierra Club has found that more than 40,000 unplugged oil and gas wells are sitting idle across California, potentially leaking planet-warming gas and unsafe chemicals. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

The Top 11 Oil-Producing States In 2023

DYK: U.S. crude oil production has increased by 21% over the past five years. Top oil producing states in 2023 (percentage of total U.S. production): Texas, 43%; New Mexico, 14%; North Dakota, 9%; Colorado, 3.5%; Oklahoma, 3.4%; Alaska 3.4%; California, 2.5%. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Six California counties receive $42 million to create, renovate parks

Potomac Park in Bakersfield will receive funding from CA State Parks to build new soccer fields, a dog park, basketball courts, a splash pad, shade structures a restroom and renovations. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

A city park means green space and a place to forage for meal ingredients

DYK: Parks can be a great source of food, according to Douglas Kent who teaches ecological land management at Cal Poly Pomona and writes about urban foraging for food. He is the author of "Foraging Southern California." Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

The Disparate Impacts of Urban Noise

DYK: According to a new study of 83 U.S. cities, formerly redlined areas (which are still predominantly Black, brown, or low-income) experience higher noise levels which can damage hearing after less than two hours of exposure. The noise also affects animals in the area. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

LA City Council calls to terminate West Pico Drill Site operation

The L.A. City Council voted to close an oil drilling site in the West Pico area, and it may to look to terminate other pipeline franchise agreements in the city. The site is of community concern due to odors, noise, air pollution and environmental hazards. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Creating an Equitable Urban Park System, with Norma Garcia-Gonzalez and Catherine Nagel

The director of the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation reported that data and community engagement have helped Los Angeles County increase the accessibility and quality of its 70,000-acre urban park system which serves 10 million residents in 88 cities and incorporated areas. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Codornices Creek daylighting activists celebrate $1M restoration project

Snug along the Albany border on Kains Avenue is a verdant new Berkeley open space where monarchs fly among the yellow oxalis flowers common throughout the neighborhood.

Norwalk Looking at New Development at Youth Authority Property

Norwalk Council continues to take input on the plan to build a transit-oriented eco-community on the former 32-acre California Youth Authority property at 13200 Bloomfield Avenue.