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A New Vision for a South LA Oil Drilling Site

DYK: The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust plans to redevelop a 1.86-acre former oil drilling site in South Los Angeles into a complex with affordable housing, a community center, and a park. The community fought to shut down the drilling site and to have the wells capped and equipment removed. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Wood burning ban for Southern California extended another day

DYK: There was a wood-burning ban issued in Southern California during the Christmas holiday. Particles in wood smoke also known as fine particulate matter or PM2.5 can get deep into the lungs and cause respiratory problems (including asthma attacks) and lead to increases in emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

The Disparate Impacts of Urban Noise

DYK: According to a new study of 83 U.S. cities, formerly redlined areas (which are still predominantly Black, brown, or low-income) experience higher noise levels which can damage hearing after less than two hours of exposure. The noise also affects animals in the area. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Would you drink toilet water? California approves wastewater for human consumption

California will allow agencies to recycle filtered wastewater into drinking water for homes, schools and businesses. California would be the second state to allow this, following Colorado. State officials say most people are already drinking recycled water: most wastewater treatment plants put their treated water back into rivers and streams, which then flow down to the next town so they can drink it.sLearn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

A sea turtle tour to protect California’s coast

Environmental groups want more protections for marine life and habitats along the California Coast. About 12% of state waters are covered by strongly protected areas known to be effective at conserving ocean life. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

LA City Council calls to terminate West Pico Drill Site operation

The L.A. City Council voted to close an oil drilling site in the West Pico area, and it may to look to terminate other pipeline franchise agreements in the city. The site is of community concern due to odors, noise, air pollution and environmental hazards. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

World's Largest Reserve Of REE Lithium Discovered Beneath California's Salton Sea: $540 Billion Motherlode Could Meet America's Supply Demands For Decades

The world's largest supply of lithium has been discovered beneath the Salton Sea, according to the Department of Energy. The estimated 18 million-ton discovery could be worth up to $540 billion and meet America's rechargeable battery needs for decades. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Creating an Equitable Urban Park System, with Norma Garcia-Gonzalez and Catherine Nagel

The director of the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation reported that data and community engagement have helped Los Angeles County increase the accessibility and quality of its 70,000-acre urban park system which serves 10 million residents in 88 cities and incorporated areas. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Climate change will reshape the Inland Empire by 2048

DYK: The future of the Inland Empire will include more extreme heat, according to climate experts. Between 1985 and 2005, the region experienced an average of seven days a year with temperatures over 102 degrees. Over the next 25 years, it will experience at least 35 days per year above 102. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Get-rich-quick scheme? You can recycle wine bottles starting in the new year

Starting Jan. 1, 2024, Californians can redeem for cash their glass wine and liquor bottles, large plastic juice bottles, boxed wine containers and alcoholic beverage pouches. This applies to containers purchased in California. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll.

Large sewage spill closes Orange County beach

A sewage spill last month in Laguna Beach that was caused by a blocked sewage main closed areas from Victoria Beach to Goff Island Beach. Swimming or surfing in contaminated water can cause serious health issues. Learn more at #HealthyWorldForAll

An Indigenous Marine Sanctuary May Soon Be Established Along The California Coast

Today is World Ocean’s Day, a chance to celebrate ongoing actions towards ocean protection. One such endeavor on the U.S. west coast is also an opportunity to uplift Indigenous leadership via the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary in central California.

The Great Climate Migration

Laura Hinerfeld and her husband, Dale Geist, never thought they’d leave California. But after the Complex fires of 2017 killed 24 people, ravaged 7,000 structures and crept too close to their house in Sonoma, they talked about it for the first time.

California officials approve plan to crack down on microplastics polluting the ocean

California aims to sharply limit the spiraling scourge of microplastics in the ocean, while urging more study of this threat to fish, marine mammals and potentially to humans, under a plan a state panel approved Wednesday.

‘We can’t make it rain’: California farmers left out to dry as US government allots no water

Officials are preparing for yet another critical water year in California as the state – along with most of the American west – remains mired in drought.

Codornices Creek daylighting activists celebrate $1M restoration project

Snug along the Albany border on Kains Avenue is a verdant new Berkeley open space where monarchs fly among the yellow oxalis flowers common throughout the neighborhood.

What is the L.A. port’s shipping backlog doing to Southern California’s environment?

James Fawcett of the USC Sea Grant program at USC Dornsife explains how the line of ships floating off the coast waiting to offload goods is making a mark on the local environment.

Energy sector methane emissions 70% higher than reported: IEA

The global energy sector's methane emissions are massively underreported, the International Energy Agency said in a report, seeking more transparency and stronger policy action

Norwalk Looking at New Development at Youth Authority Property

Norwalk Council continues to take input on the plan to build a transit-oriented eco-community on the former 32-acre California Youth Authority property at 13200 Bloomfield Avenue.

The chemical 1,2,3-TCP was used to farm in the Central Valley from the 1940s through the 1980s. Dangerous remnants continue to poison local drinking water.

On the dusty outskirts of Bakersfield, Rosa Perez and her family are living without a basic housing amenity — clean water. Though they pay the water bill each month, what comes out of the taps is laced with a chemical that California admits could make the family of four more likely to develop cancer. Perez, 43, would rather spend some of her meager farmworker income on bottled water than see that come to pass.

Beach erosion, bluff collapse, flooding: What a foot of sea level rise could mean for San Diego

Climate change is warming oceans and melting glaciers, accelerating the rise of tides and coastal flooding at a frightening pace. A recent scientific report confirmed the United States will see another foot of sea level rise by 2050 — as much increase as the country experienced over the entire last century.

'You Can't Recycle Your Way Out': California's Plastic Problem and What We Can Do About It

California dumps more than 12,000 tons of plastic into landfills every day — enough to fill 219 Olympic-size swimming pools, according to CalRecycle, the state's recycling and waste management agency.

More than 400 toxic sites in California are at risk of flooding from sea level rise

When Lucas Zucker talks about sea level rise in California, his first thoughts aren’t about waves crashing onto fancy homes in Orange County, nor the state’s most iconic beaches shrinking year after year.